Saturday, January 4, 2014

alright for humans in general these are delicately ridiculously ready for your instructional purposes
you can tell how silly it can be here two immature ladies delivering instructions (sorry im so loud but lugus is so quiet)  I originally wanted dance but Jennifer and lugus talked me down from that roof
to make it movement, too reiterate I think dance is frightening from a shy person such as myself but I decided after seeing lugus dance to let it all go out the window.  

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  1. You guys, this is awesomesauce!! I can relate completely, I don't think I could dance in front of the camera, or sing or play my instruments, but wouldn't it be wonderful if I could? I will try to come up with something that takes me out of my comfort zone but not too far. :)
    Love your initiative and how it animates the whole idea of being on the team and takes it to a new level. The creature stirs!